H4D facilitates access to healthcare by allowing patients to consult a doctor remotely in the Consult Station®, the first connected local telemedicine booth. This medical device allows quality healthcare to be delivered for primary care, occupational health, and general health promotion.



CONVENIENCE, SIMPLICITY, and SAFETY area all goals of TECHNOLOGY going forward.

The “hands-free” check-in for hospitals and hotels are convenient and safety, but require a certain level of familiarity with technology, and may be Hard for the elderly to use. I think about the airport check-in kiosks, and store check-out points. The solution is to have “helpers” stationed by to assist.

The Telemedicine booth, with devices for examination of the ears, nose, and throat, a stethoscope probe for the lungs, payment port, video camera, etc certainly offers convenience, but may need helpers for guidance, and to clean after every use.

I’m betting on a super I Phone in all areas, although cost and band width improvement will be needed.

—Dr. C

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