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This infographic is a high-level discussion of cancer, with plenty of information to keep a Physicians’ interest.

The Human Body is a complex Community of individual cells that normally work together with admirable Harmony. Each individual cell is supplied with all its’ wants, and vigorously does its’ part for the Body.

Occasionally a ROGUE CELL escapes constraints and GOES ITS’ OWN WAY.

This has been happening from the beginning of multicellular life, and these MISCREANTS have EVOLVED to preserve themselves and have an amazing bag of TRICKS.

They are Very resourceful just like VIRUSES, which can also cause CANCER.

These twin threats give modern medical technology about all it can handle, and more.

PREVENTATIVE care offers a remedy.

Prevention is not at all complex, but of course requires thought, energy and planning. Prevention is difficult to square up with the easy, effortless, intuitive  life we yearn for.

Do you have the resolve to give SLEEP, DIET and EXERCISE a chance?

–DR. C

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