EVERYBODY should have a SERUM VITAMIN D level!

The medical establishment has been slowly acknowledging that the importance of vitamin D is not limited to just calcium absorption and the bones, or to the athletes and elderly.The lower limits of normal has been slowly creeping up, as has the RDA.

But how much vitamin D you have in your body depends upon your diet, supplements, how much sunshine your skin gets, how much sunshine is screened out ( sunscreen, melanin), and other factors. Measuring the vitamin D serum level tells you directly.

My own Vitamin D level was at first in the low 20’s (ng./ml.), and I raised it to the low 50’s when I started taking 4,000 I.U. daily, the lower limit suggested by the NFL.

Serum Vitamin D levels cost almost $100. Why not just take 4-6,000 I.U.? For me, adding to  already nauseating handfuls of pills (to be enumerated later) was unappetizing. I needed a Serum D level to convince me.

But I didn’t need to be convinced of the importance (with hospitalized Covid Patients the VITAL importance) of this amazingly versatile Vitamin. Vitamin D tends to benefit the innate immune system, helping to ameliorate infections when they first hit. It then helps to turn off “the first responder” when the “big gun” adaptive immune system kicks in at 5-10 days. Failure of this shift ( with continuing interleukin production) may contribute to the “cytokines storm” of the seriously ill Covid-19 patient.

Many Doctors, inured to “health food industry” hype, give little attention to Vitamin D.  You might need to expressly ask for a vitamin D test on your next visit. I hope you do!

—Dr. C.

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  1. Very interesting info regarding Vitamin D. I had never been asked about it until 5 years ago when I was seeing a Nurse Practitioner for the first time. she insisted that I go on high doses when she saw what my level was. I did for about a year but then saw that my Multi Vitamin said that it contained a daily amount. since I felt I was already on so many multi vitamins, why did I need any more, I stopped the extra vitamin D.
    My husband is taking 4000 a day and now I see that is what I may need to do also. will this increase my energy level? I hope so.


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