Adrenaline (epinephrine) was first discovered when the adrenal gland was ground up and injected, producing an increase in the pulse rate. it has a myriad of uses, and often In emergencies when speed of injection is of great importance. You may you recall the controversy when the price of EpiPen was jacked up to ridiculous levels.

Adrenaline is intimately involved with cortisol in emergency stress reactions. Adrenaline increases cortisol production, and cortisol increases the number of cell membrane adrenoreceptors. Adrenaline is much more rapidly acting, and cortisol sticks around for a while keeping the stress response going.

Adrenaline produces a myriad of responses that are beneficial when you’re trying to run away from that sabertooth tiger. Just like cortisol, it increases the pulse rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and heart rate. It opens up the bronchial tubes so you can breathe better, and also increases muscle strength and alertness, with a negative affect.

As mentioned in the article on cortisol, stress has a negative connotation at present, even though it was vital to our survival as a species. I can’t tell you how many shots of adrenaline I gave to my asthmatic patients. Medications to prevent asthma are much more numerous these days and adrenaline is rarely needed for Asthma any more.

Adrenaline  is still very useful, however, in cardiac arrest, and Anaphylactic reactions. You may recall having read about Anaphylactic reactions from the Propylene glycol in some Covid immunizations.
In the long run You will do better to keep your stress levels down. Try to avoid talking about family affairs, religion, and politics.

—Dr. C.

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