The coronavirus pandemic has overwhelmed hospitals, physicians and the medical community. That’s pushed telemedicine into the hands of providers and patients as the first response for primary care. Telemedicine isn’t new to the medical community, however it hasn’t been embraced due to insurance coverage, mindset and stigma. Here’s how it works and what it means for the future of health care.


The safety and convenience of Telemedicine have been amply illustrated by Covid 19. It’s place in the future of Medicine would seem to be assured.

Once the epidemic is over, however, some sticky details, waved away by fiat during the early days, must be addressed.

Will Payment parity be allowed by the Health insurance companies (And Medicare) be continued? Will cross-border Practice still be allowed by the states. Will more Doctors modernize? Will lawyers (and litigious patients) restrain themselves?
Stay Tuned!

—Dr. C.

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